A far and wide family & community. We throw fun events year-round to fund art project and community offerings at Burning Man.

Who Are The GlamCocks?  

We are a far-flung, but tight-knit family of burners, and our gatherings are a reflection of our exuberant, life-loving, and carefree attitude. We wish to cultivate great connections and memories for all who stumble upon us!

We strive to create a fun, energetic, body-positive, open-minded, and pro-LGBTQ space that invites participation and self-expression for everyone who wants to participate and meet other burners, both on and off the Playa. Our goal as a community is to create a space that is welcoming, fun, whimsical, glamorous, transformational, and memorable for all.

We love meeting new people, sharing our experiences, and expanding our roost!

Meet The GlamCocks

"The annual Burning Man festival is one of the most infamous gatherings in the world. The GlamCocks are one of 600 camps that form to run the city…and certainly one of the gayest. This heart-warming documentary follows the group setting up camp, building their structures and exploring the art (not to mention each other). From wild parties to life-affirming experiences, “Meet The GlamCocks” gives you an insiders view into a week at the world’s most epic festival."
Watch The Full Documentary Here